About Us


My name is Chris. I currently live in California with my wife, 3 children, and our 2 German Pinschers (Pudge and Rosie). We are blessed to love, raise, and breed these types of dogs. As a commandment from God’s word (Be fruitful and multiply) we are pleasured to increase this beautiful and wonderful breed to enhance other homes as well. Our puppies come from champion bloodlines and their 4 generation Pedigree is available upon request.

Our dogs are kept indoors. This allows my children and myself to play, socialize, and love them as they are part of our family. We walk them daily and take them to the dog park twice a month.

Puppies are breastfeed til 6 to 8 weeks. Then they are weaned off to mush and puppy food. We dock their tails and dewclaw them the first week. They are given their first immunization and are de-wormed before they go to their new home.

We ship globally.